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About ELEO

ELEO's goal is to accelerate earth's evolution to a better and cleaner world by providing high-performance battery system solutions to an extensive range of vehicles and machines—enabling electrification through hassle-free installation, smart features and a Plug & Play system. With ELEO systems, we're powering the future one battery pack at a time.


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/ Born in the Brainport region

Made in the Netherlands

All of ELEO’s battery systems are expertly assembled at our advanced production facility in Helmond, the Netherlands.

Our production facility was devised and built to enable a highly robust, reliable and scalable manufacturing process to guarantee that every pack that leaves our facility meets the highest quality and safety standards.



/ humble beginnings

Our Inception

In 2017  like-minded, future forward innovators banded together with the goal of becoming leaders in the battery technology industry. Their dream? To take the machines and vehicles most difficult to electrify, and supply them with perfected solutions previously thought impossible to implement. To achieve this goal, ELEO develops cutting-edge technology and techniques—growing and evolving every day.



/ Dreaming bigger

Our future

ELEO’s mission is to enable widespread electrification of the applications that are indispensable to us and make our society thrive. We do this by providing cutting edge products that enable our customers to build machines that are truly better than their fossil fuel counterparts.

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