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/ expansive range of applications


Our scalable building-block design and Plug & Play approach enables us to make ELEO's cutting-edge battery technology available to an expansive range of applications at affordable costs and hassle-free installation.

/ Out in the field


ELEO designs and builds high-performance battery systems for a wide variety of industrial off-highway machines in the construction, agricultural and forestry industries. Our unique technology and highly-configurable battery systems allow OEMs to electrify their machines—giving them the opportunity to adopt zero-emission technology without compromising productivity.

/ Charging forward


ELEO battery systems are used in various e-mobility applications such as cargo and last-mile delivery vehicles, small commercial vehicles and road sweepers. The modularity of our systems enables flexibility at its finest—from direction, orientation, and configuration to capacity, voltage, and compliance.

/ Making waves


ELEO's leading-edge battery systems have the superior energy density necessary to keep vessels on the water for longer durations while offering superior and uncompromised safety.

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