Assembly Technician

At ELEO we provide cutting-edge battery systems with a superior energy density to power a wide variety of electric applications. Your main task will be assembling battery modules and maintaining the warehouse (and everything in between). You will also be required to join in on our awesome monthly beer sessions and BBQs :)

As our jack-of-all-trades assembly technician you'll be:

  • Assembling our state-of-the-art battery modules
  • Setting up, monitoring, and operating high-tech machines
  • Working according to procedures
  • Preparing battery packs for the shipment
  • Performing a wide range of quality control
  • Keeping the work environment clean and orderly
  • Picking up orders and replenishing stocks
  • Signaling and reporting deviations in the production process

A day in the life of a Assembly Technician:

Your day kicks off with a cup of coffee, giving you the caffeine fix you need to get started. You check your email/messages for any updates and then check in with Production Manager Laura Geurts. You check the planning board and see what's on the docket for production, and you go down the list. You start prepping on production and building modules, laying down the foundation for the battery packs. 

Next, it's time for lunch. If it's a nice, sunny day you head outside to catch some rays with your teammates.

Then it's back to production, where you check in with your team and continue working on the modules—you get to work on them from start to finish, and your module is almost ready to be put into an ELEO pack! You also keep an eye on the machines and assembly line, making sure everything is running smoothly so you can hop from workstation to workstation.

You do the rounds and make sure the workstations are fully stocked and prepped with whatever tools/goods necessary so that whoever is manning that station is equipped to get the job done—you're a big part of making production run like a well-oiled machine, and people know you've got their back.

You wrap up your work and it's time to go home! You had an awesome, productive day and got a ton of great work done with your team. Enjoy your evening, and see you tomorrow! 

Take a look inside our production facility

Requirements / Background

  • MBO level 3
  • At least two years of relevant work experience
  • Quality conscious with a great attention to detail
  • Mastery of assembly techniques
  • An organized approach focused on improving and optimizing
  • Independent with a great sense of responsibility

What we offer

  • The opportunity to work in a young, talented, and diverse team with a lot of ambition
  • Freedom to create, innovate, and make impactful decisions
  • An open, creative, and inspiring company culture
  • Fun and informal get-togethers and company trips (BBQs, games, vrijmiboes, adventurous outings+any input and ideas for events you might have!)
  • Monthly breakfast get-togethers (with updates from the group and WAY too much food)

Our process

  • Application

    If this position seems like a fit to you, send us your resume and motivation via the application form below. Please tell us why you want to work at ELEO and what you think you can contribute to our team.
  • Interviews

    When we think you might be a good fit to our organization, we'll invite you for a range of interviews with different ELEO people. We'll use these interviews to see if there is a great match from both sides, both personally and content-wise.
  • Assessment

    When the outcome of the interviews is still positive from both sides, we dive a little deeper into the applicable role at ELEO. You'll have in-depth discussions with your potential colleagues and/or work on a case.
  • Contract

    If we're both excited about each other after the assessment we'd love to come to an agreement with you. As soon as you sign the contract, we'd strive towards building a long-term agreement in which we can both bring out the best in each other.

Apply now

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