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Mechanical R&D Engineer | R&D

  • Bachelor or Master
  • Fulltime

Do you want to be a part of a young, hungry start-up working towards electrifying the world's vehicles and machines? Do you want to feel the exhilaration of working with a team of like-minded future-forward people using cutting-edge technology to create advanced battery systems? Then we think you might just belong with the ELEO crew.


We're growing every day, which means we need more brilliant minds joining the team. Right now, that means a Mechanical R&D Engineer to come on board brimming with ideas and ready to take the battery industry by storm with us! 


What will you do as a Mechanical R&D Engineer at ELEO?

At ELEO we create cutting-edge battery systems with superior energy density to power a wide variety of electric applications. You will be implementing the battery systems in various applications depending on the specified requirements of our clients—working closely with them to ensure that their needs are being met. 


Your work includes:

  • Developing and optimizing innovative mechanical solutions
  • Analysis and simulation of design problems (mechanical, thermal, etc.)
  • Working in multi-disciplinary engineering teams
  • Requirements formulation and technical documentation
  • Both system-level and detailed engineering
  • Product development
  • Prototyping and testing


A day in the life of a Mechanical R&D Engineer:

Your day kicks off with a cup of coffee, giving you the caffeine fix you need to get started. You check your email/messages for any updates and then check in with the project leader Jules Frints . You and your team are working on designing the integral inner components of the battery pack based on the client's needs. When the design is complete, you'll move on to prototyping and building the components. But, first thing's first! 


Yesterday you found some issues with the design. You brainstorm with your fellow engineers on how to solve this issue, which leads to a jam-sesh of ideas and designs for how to fix it. 


Next, it's time for lunch. If it's a nice, sunny day you head outside to catch some rays with your teammates on a lunch walk.


Full and happy, you hop back in and improvise a set-up to test your initial designs and improvise a set-up to test your ideas. Success! Concept 2 seems promising! You head back to your laptop to finish up the designs so you can order a prototype. 


You wrap up your work and it's time to go home! You had an awesome, productive day and got a ton of great work done with your team. Enjoy your evening, and see you tomorrow! 


Interested? Apply now!

Requirements / Background

  • A Bachelor or Master degree in mechatronics/mechanical/electrical engineering
  • At least 2 years of relevant full-time experience in a multidisciplinary team
  • Experience in 3D CAD software (Siemens NX/ Solidworks)
  • Ability to convert a new concept to a detailed product design
  • Interest and experience with standardization and the industry sector is a plus

What we offer

  • The freedom to work hybrid with flexible working hours
  • A generous pension scheme
  • Daily lunch with the whole company
  • Commuting allowance or OV Business Card
  • 35 holidays per year including a company closure during Christmas & NYE

/ Our process

Do you want to join the ELEO crew?

  • 1 Application
    If this position seems like a fit to you, send us your resume and motivation letter via the application form below. We'd love to hear about how you'd contribute to the awesome ELEO team!
  • 2 Interviews
    If we think you could be a great fit at ELEO, we'll invite you for a range of interviews with different ELEO team members. These interviews will help us decide if it's a great match on both sides—both professionally and personally. We love to have fun and also get the job done!
  • 3 Assessment
    If everyone is still vibing and it's looking like a really great match we will dive a little deeper into the applicable process. That means more in-depth discussions with your potential colleagues and a possible test case to show off your skills.
  • 4 Signing a contract
    If we're both sides are super excited after the assessment then we'd love to come to an agreement with you! As soon as you sign the contract, we'll strive towards building a long-term agreement in which we can both bring out the best in each other.

/ drop us a line

Want to join our savvy, fun-loving team? Then get in touch!

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