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Support Engineer | Quality

  • Fulltime

Do you want to be a part of a young, hungry start-up working towards electrifying the world's vehicles and machines? Do you want to feel the exhilaration of working with a team of like-minded future-forward people using cutting-edge tech to create advanced battery systems? Then we think you might just belong with the ELEO crew!  

We're growing every day, which means we need more fresh minds joining the team. Right now that means we’re looking for a Support Engineer brimming with ideas to come on board and take the battery industry by storm with us! 

What will you do as a Support Engineer? 

At ELEO we provide cutting-edge battery systems with a superior energy density to power a wide variety of electric applications. You will be supporting customers with any product issues, and guiding them towards resolution.  

As ELEO’s new Support Engineer you'll be dealing with: 

  • Communicating with customers about their support inquiry, follow-up, status and solution 
  • Taking responsibility for timely communication and resolution of customer questions  
  • Leading RMA processes and related customer communications 
  • Aligning with relevant departments expected RMA’s, planned return dates, etc. 
  • Ensuring proper warranty claim handling and related customer communication 
  • Ensuring customer complaint resolution and related customer communication
  • Consulting other departments to answer difficult questions 
  • Building a knowledge base to increase the support department capabilities to answer customer questions without consulting other departments
  • Further optimizing the customer support procedures and tools 
  • Reporting to the quality manager 

A Day in the Life of a Support Engineer:  
Your day kicks off with a cup of coffee and a small chat with colleagues. You check the support system for requests and customer complaints. You have a few questions from customers—one you can answer yourself and 2 that you ask colleagues to help you with. All questions are answered, and you log the questions and answers in the data base to be used for future reference.  

A customer calls you with a complaint. You get a full picture of the problem,  register the complaint in the system, and agree to call him later today.

Around 12:30 it’s time for lunch. We have free lunch right in the ELEO breakroom, or if it’s a nice, sunny day you head outside to catch some rays with your teammates on a lunch walk. And of course, there’s always the opportunity to have lunch at the canteen of the Automotive Campus. 

Then it's back to it! You consult with application engineer Bas Rijs regarding the issue the customer disclosed, and he is able to pinpoint the error. You call the customer and let him know the possible cause, and how he can test to see if this conclusion is correct. You register all communications in the support ticketing system. He calls you back and confirms the issue was as Bas predicted, and you close the ticket.  

You have a meeting with the production team to discuss the status of RMA’s. One RMA has been received. You align with quality engineer Thijs van Dijk to make sure the RMA is analyzed and inform the customer when the RMA is expected to be repaired and ready to return. 

Just before you go home, you check the support system--no new support questions or complaints!  

You wrap up your work and it’s time to go home! You had a dynamic and productive day, and got a ton of great work done with your team. Enjoy your evening, and see you tomorrow!  


Interested? Apply now!

Requirements / Background

  • BS / MS level
  • 3+ years experience
  • Technical background 
  • L6S Yellow belt certification
  • L6S Green belt (pre)  

What we offer

  • The freedom to work hybrid with flexible working hours
  • A generous pension scheme
  • Daily lunch with the whole company
  • Commuting allowance or OV Business Card
  • 35 holidays per year including a company closure during Christmas & NYE

/ Our process

Do you want to join the ELEO crew?

  • 1 Application
    If this position seems like a fit to you, send us your resume and motivation letter via the application form below. We'd love to hear about how you'd contribute to the awesome ELEO team!
  • 2 Interviews
    If we think you could be a great fit at ELEO, we'll invite you for a range of interviews with different ELEO team members. These interviews will help us decide if it's a great match on both sides—both professionally and personally. We love to have fun and also get the job done!
  • 3 Assessment
    If everyone is still vibing and it's looking like a really great match we will dive a little deeper into the applicable process. That means more in-depth discussions with your potential colleagues and a possible test case to show off your skills.
  • 4 Signing a contract
    If we're both sides are super excited after the assessment then we'd love to come to an agreement with you! As soon as you sign the contract, we'll strive towards building a long-term agreement in which we can both bring out the best in each other.
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