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Eleo battery system

Take a deep dive into our battery systems—designed to be more than meets the eye and strategized for complete Plug & Play capabilities to achieve the full power potential of your application.


A specialized in-house scalable system designed to seamlessly align with an application's specifications—configurable with a large variety of available shapes and sizes to meet the desired energy content, voltage range and power requirements in a custom, durable enclosure.

Industry-Leading Energy Density

ELEO battery packs are among the most energy dense, lightest packs. The best cells on the market today finessed to achieve ultimate flexibility provide customers with utmost autonomy. 


ELEO’s in-house designed Battery Management System (BMS) architecture ensures each customized pack functions within the safest limits and is automatically validated, certified, and seamlessly integrates to any application through robust communication protocols.  

Passive Propagation Prevention

ELEO encases cells with a protective layer that shields all surrounding cells in the unlikely event of a thermal runaway event—eliminating the risk of propagation for maximum safety.

Advanced Thermal Management

Through our single-surface system and cutting-edge cooling liquid, we adhere to the highest standards of temperature regulation—ensuring all cells are operating at optimal temperatures to achieve ideal performance under extreme environmental conditions.

Scalable Building Blocks

Unleash your full power potential with modules optimized for your application. ELEO battery packs are designed to be flexible—utilizing a selection of diverse shapes and sizes for a fully-realized turnkey solution.

Robust Interface

Each ELEO pack is equipped with a highly-integrated pack management unit loaded with smart features—devised for seamless communication with the application while keeping the battery pack safe at all times. 


  • Up to 800 VDC
  • 400 A continuous current
  • Contactors with automatic precharge
  • High Voltage Interlock
  • Insulation Monitoring
  • Integrated DCDC
  • Integrated telematics

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