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ELEO to supply Conmeq with battery systems for mass production of electric mini skid-steer loader


The Dutch companies ELEO and Conmeq (Construction Machinery & Equipment) have signed a new long-term agreement regarding the supply of ELEO battery systems for Conmeq’s fully electric AS15 skid-steer loader. The deal involves an initial delivery of at least 1,000 systems in the coming three years. The Conmeq AS15 has been in production at the company’s facility since late-2020 and will now get into mass production following the major increase in demand for sustainable machines.


Based in Budel, The Netherlands, Conmeq has developed an entirely new mini skid-steer machine, with a 500-kilogram lifting capacity, to make physical work more effective and efficient. The AS15 uses a fully electric propulsion system with four independent wheel motors that is unique to the market for electric compact loaders. This configuration offers highly efficient usage of the battery capacity. The system is standard equipped with 5 ELEO Size 21 battery modules to provide about 15 kWh of capacity, which is more than enough for a full day of intense work.

The AS15 already proved to be a major success in the Benelux and the start of mass production follows the announcement that Conmeq has entered into a distribution agreement with Vermeer Corporation, a global manufacturer of industrial equipment, for the worldwide distribution of the AS15, initially starting in the other European countries.


The collaboration between Budel-based Conmeq and Helmond-based ELEO originates from 2019. Boris Koot, Managing Director of Conmeq: “We engineered the skid-steer loader from scratch. Batteries are the key component in any electric machine, which is why we got in touch with ELEO in the early days of our development. Today’s success of the AS15 is thanks to this intense collaboration, that’s why we’re very happy to continue our cooperation with this new long-term agreement.”

Bas Verkaik, co-founder of ELEO adds: “We have created our advanced battery platform to enable electrification in a wide variety of industrial machinery. The AS15 is a perfect application in which the benefits of our products nicely come together. I am very excited that we can continue our collaboration and I cannot wait to see what the future will bring.”