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Unique 100% electric tandem roller is powered by ELEO

In response to the increasing demand for zero-emission asphalt equipment, machinery manufacturer Green Road Equipment and system integrator Motrac have developed a unique electric tandem roller. The roller, which has been developed in close collaboration with construction firm Dura Vermeer, uses a 20kWh high-performance battery pack that enables the machine to operate a full working day on a single charge.


Fully electric
The 2.5-tonnes newly developed tandem roller, which is now undergoing field testing, is the first machine of its kind that utilizes a fully electric drivetrain. This unique configuration offers highly efficient usage of the battery capacity. The system is standard equipped with four ELEO Size 35 battery modules to provide about 20 kWh of capacity, which is more than enough for a full day of intense work. There is an option to add a fifth battery module, which increases the capacity to 25 kWh.

Upon delivery, the advanced battery system has been subject to extensive safety testing to ensure that the battery pack can withstand the specific requirements of the roller. Additionally, ELEO’s unique modular concept enabled Green Road Equipment to significantly reduce its development costs and time-to-market. 


Emission-free asphalt site
The electric tandem roller is a major step towards enabling an emission-free jobsite.

In the coming period, the tandem roller will continue to be rigorously tested in different conditions and environments. The machine is expected to be operational later this month on Dura Vermeer’s infrastructural projects, while the production of new machines is already ongoing.