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World’s first electric Road Rail Excavator is powered by ELEO

Construction company BAM Infra Nederland and Road Rail machinery manufacturer AMT Group have developed the first fully electric road-rail excavator in the world. Four 60kWh swappable battery packs, developed by ELEO, enable the 16-tonnes multifunctional machine to operate 24/7.


Swappable battery packs
In close collaboration with AMT Group, ELEO has developed a swappable battery system that enables complete freedom of battery usage in various circumstances. The road rail excavator can be equipped with four battery packs to achieve a nominal capacity of 240 kWh, which is more than enough for a full day of intense work. The packs can be charged separately using DC fast charging, while the swappable concept allows the possibility to extend the operating time indefinitely.


Annual CO2 reduction of 55,000 kilograms
With the deployment of the electric road-rail excavator, BAM Infra Nederland expects to reduce its CO2 emissions by 55.000 kg annually. Besides CO2 emission benefits, the electric excavator produces significantly less noise than its fossil-fueled counterpart. The hydraulic machine is deployable on practically every project and is also applicable as a mobile crane and aerial work platform.

The electric road-rail excavator is unique within the rail sector. In the coming period, BAM Infra Nederland will test its newest asset on different projects across the Netherlands.