Our Production

All of ELEO’s battery systems are accurately assembled at our advanced production facility in Helmond, the Netherlands. Both our products and production facility have been designed to enable a highly robust, reliable, and scalable manufacturing process to ensure every single module that leaves our facility meets the highest quality & safety standards. 


High-tech facility

ELEO’s in-house production line in Helmond has an annual battery capacity of 50 MWh and consists of automated steps with minor manual steps and transportation in between. The production line is constantly supervised to ensure the highest safety and quality standards are met at all times.


Robust cell connections

Each cell is connected via an electric connection that is created fully automatically and ensures each cell to be individually fused in the unlikely event of a short-circuit. Using ultrasonic vibrations, the battery cells are connected accurately and error-free, while the unique single-sided production method enables very efficient thermal management.


Pack assembly

Our production line also facilitates the assembly of customer-specific solutions to ensure we deliver each system as a plug & play solution that can directly be installed in your application. 


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