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ELEO's products are designed to offer OEMs a cutting-edge battery system without the hassle. Whether your application requires 50 or 800VDC, we can adapt to your specific demands & constraints by combining a set of standard modules with our intelligent battery controller. By doing so, we deliver fully tested & certified battery systems while significantly reducing your time-to-market and development costs. We also offer extensive engineering capacity for additional requests to enable a plug & play system in any circumstance.


Battery Modules

ELEO’s battery modules offer a superior energy density while the flexible design enables the module length to be easily increased without any need for engineering. On top of that, the modules are easily scalable in any orientation and direction to reach your application’s desired voltage, capacity, and dimensions.

Our battery modules

Battery Controller

Our Battery Controller provides for a truly stand-alone plug & play experience. Whether your application requires 50 or 800VDC, the ELEO Battery Controller can be configured in any series and/or parallel combination of modules. It ensures the connected modules are kept in a safe operating area and provides a convenient interface for easy integration with your application and third-party hardware. 

Our Battery Controller

Engineering Services

We can rely on our comprehensive engineering capacity to ensure your battery pack is fully customized according to your requirements. In addition to supplying you with the modules and controller, we can also support you with enclosure development, thermal management, lifetime assessment, and optimization, charging solutions, and full powertrain development, while we also design fully customized battery systems for highly specific applications.

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