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ELEO’s battery modules offer a superior energy density while the flexible design enables the module length to be easily increased without any need for engineering. On top of that, the modules are easily scalable in any orientation and direction to reach your application’s desired voltage, capacity and dimensions.

Modular in every detail

The use of small internal modular building bricks allows the module length to be easily adjusted without any additional investments, while each module can be equipped with various cells and thus be optimized in terms of power, capacity and costs. 

Easily scalable

The modules are easily configurable in any direction and orientation to reach the application’s specific desired size, capacity and voltage, thereby enabling an optimal custom-specific solution that is surprisingly cost-effective. 

Enhanced Product Safety

It’s our top priority to ensure our batteries are safe. No matter what. Here’s how we do it:

Cell-Level Fusing

  • Ensures fast disconnect of failing cells. Allows for temporary functional but compromised pack for applications where  loss of propulsion is not an option

Small Cell Format

  • Limits the amount of energy released during the rare case of thermal runaway to a minimum allowing for prevention of propagation and explosions.

Controlled Degassing

  • Prevents pressure built ups and limits propagation mechanisms

Fire-retardant Materials

  • Minimizes the risk of thermal runaway propagation in case of cell failure or in the event of an accident

Thermal Management

  • Enables strict temperature control and allows for quick heat extraction of triggered cells minimizing overheating of adjacent cells.

Integrated System

  • Safety mechanisms such as isolation monitoring and HVIL as well as functional features such as control of charger and precharge are fully integrated into our solutions reducing the overall complexity of the system and chance of failure.

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