Engineering Services

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All of ELEO's products are designed to enable an optimal custom-specific battery solution that is surprisingly cost-effective. While our modules and controllers are the basis of our solutions, we can rely on our comprehensive engineering capacity to ensure your battery pack is fully customized according to your requirements. Additionally, we support in complementary systems such as charging solutions and full powertrain development, while we also design and manufacture fully customized battery systems for applications with highly specific requirements.


Battery Pack design

To ensure that your battery pack is fully optimized to your specific requirements, we offer the following additional services:

  • Enclosure design: We design, manufacture and assemble customized pack enclosures to ensure a plug & play solution.
  • Thermal design: The battery module's thermal interface allows various heating/cooling regimes for high charge/discharge applications and hybrid battery solutions.
  • Testing & Homologation: While our modules and controllers are tested and certified according to various directives, we perform specific tests and certifications upon request.

Powertrain development

Next to our standardized battery systems, we also offer additional services and components to ensure you'll always find the solution you're looking for:

  • Charging solutions: We offer both on- and offboard charging solutions that are out-of-the-box compatible with our battery systems.
  • Powertrain components: We work with various selected suppliers to support in the development & integration of complemenatary powertrain components.
  • Custom battery systems: For applications with highly specific requirements or space constraints, we also design customized systems fully tailored to these needs.

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