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Cell science

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Industry-leading Energy Density

ELEO’s battery platform is powered by 21700 cutting-edge cylindrical battery cells with industry-leading energy density (NMC & NCA)—strategized by ELEO to create systems with optimized power and performance.

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Extensive cell diagnostics

Each cell type is extensively tested and cycled before making its way in our products. This means taking charging and discharging currents, temperature and other factors into account to make sure any potential situation is predicted and prepared for.

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Physics-based modeling

In addition to extensive diagnostics, ELEO engineers use physics-based modeling to chemically model the reactions within cells. Through using a large amount of parameters to understand aging processes, we can achieve the rapid characterization of cells in various circumstances.

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Optimized Performance

The combination of extensive cell testing and physics-based modelling achieves the most accurate cell state estimations (SOC, SOH, SOP) while enabling use-case & application-specific performance and lifetime optimization.