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/ Any configuration. Any orientation. Any application.


/ brick-by-brick

Scalable design

Our modular building blocks are designed to be flexible—utilizing a selection of standardized sizes created from the same tooling, components and production process. This paragon combination of flexibility and scalability allow for an extensive selection of personalized packs without the need for large-scale engineering. Now, a wide variety of applications can be electrified with hassle-free installation and the full spectrum of Plug & Play advantages.

/ you want it, we got it

Highly Configurable

Our modules are designed and built to reach the ideal voltage, capacity, and dimensions for your application—providing a perfected custom-specific solution that is surprisingly cost-effective.

/ no muss no fuss

Plug & Play

ELEO's battery systems exemplify a true turnkey platform—with full plug & play capabilities allowing for easy installation and impeccable performance. An enclosure designed for durability, sophisticated communication software, telematics, and OTA updates assure flawless finesse and function.