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Passive Propagation Resistance

Safety has always been ELEO’s number one priority, which is why every battery system meets the highest safety standards. In the unlikely event a cell goes into thermal runaway, ELEO's propagation prevention technology assures no thermal runaway propagation will occur and all surrounding cells are protected—limiting damage to a single replaceable module and thoroughly mitigating any safety risks.

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BMS Safety Features

Each battery pack is designed to comply with the most rigorous safety measures—engineered with multiple fail-safes to ensure that the pack is performing at full capacity. The Battery Management System monitors each battery's voltage, current & temperature, performs diagnostics, and detects and prevents faults . This-along with the passive protection-gives customers complete peace of mind.

/ Cool science

Cell-level Fusing

All cylindrical cells are individually fused using ultrasonic wires—enabling short-circuit protection on a cell level of up to 800VDC.

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