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High Performance
battery systems

With the goal of accelerating the transition towards a better & cleaner future, we are empowering our customers to build truly better products—one battery pack at a time. By combining our signature scalable design with cutting-edge technology, we make high-performance battery systems available to a wide variety of applications.


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ELEO Battery Systems

Designed to offer OEMs turnkey battery systems customized to their needs.

  • Industry-leading energy density
  • Unmatched endurance
  • Maximum safety

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Harness the full potential of your electric applications

Our scalable building-block design and Plug & Play approach enables us to make ELEO’s cutting-edge battery technology available to an expansive range of applications at affordable costs and hassle-free installation.

All About ELEO

Since 2017 ELEO has been dedicated to designing and creating elegant battery system solutions for the electrification of industrial applications. ELEO’s brand-new state-of-the-art headquarters have furthered this goal, applying highly-automated techniques to exponentially increase production. As our team grows, so does ELEO along with it—bringing on the next generation of power.

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Charge forward to a better future.

How can ELEO electrify you?