Our Technology

ELEO’s advanced in-house developed Battery Management System and highly efficient thermal management are key to the performance, safety, and lifetime of our advanced battery technology. Additionally, due to the modular and flexible design, the modules can be configured into endless combinations to meet the requirements of a wide range of applications, thereby eliminating the need for custom battery development.

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Extensive cell diagnostics

Each of the cells in our portfolio are extensively tested and cycled to obtain elaborate data on the different cell aging mechanisms. This data is integrated into our BMS algorithms to be capable of providing accurate user information and getting the most performance and lifetime out of each individual cell for each individual application.


Advanced BMS

Each of our battery modules is equipped with an advanced in-house designed Battery Management System that enables optimal monitoring and allows the use of proprietary algorithms to enhance battery conditioning for maximum lifetime. The BMS features include:

  • Voltage, current & temp. measurements, fault detection, and diagnostics
  • Advanced SOC/SOH analysis
  • Built-in data storage
  • Controlled passive cell balancing
  • Safety controls (overvoltage, undervoltage, overcharge, short-circuit, over/under temp.)
  • Over-the-air updates

Highly efficient thermal management

The unique integrated thermal interface allows for optimal temperature control and ensures minimum temperature differences between cells, resulting in increased safety, performance, and durability. Additionally, the standard interface accommodates various cooling and heating regimes and thus allows high charge/discharge applications and hybrid battery solutions.


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