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Battery Management System

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Monitoring & Control

ELEO's unique Battery Management System architecture ensures each customized pack is automatically validated, certified, and seamlessly integrates to your application. The pack management unit collects and controls data from all individual modules, establishing active safety and comprehensive communication with your application

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Integrated Safety

The brain of the battery pack is brimming with advanced safety features such as a high voltage interlock system, integrated contactors with automatic precharge, an isolation monitoring device, and is Safety Integrity Level (SIL)-2 compliant.

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Advanced Algorithms

The data collected by our BMS is used to further optimize our algorithms for your specific requirements. This creates highly accurate estimations for state-of-charge (SOC), state-of-health (SOH), and state-of-power (SOP) while better balancing cells in the battery pack. This affirms that the pack is operating at its full potential while enabling optimal user experience.

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ELEO uses leading communication software to gather data from the BMS—collecting and storing reports from each and every battery pack out in the field. By enabling remote monitoring and providing over-the-air updates, you can be assured that performance is being constantly assessed and optimized. ELEO also provides recommendations for how to best achieve ultimate usage and lifespan based on the data collected.